Technical Debt Snowball

Fans of Dave Ramsey will appreciate this post.

I have been working to eliminate Technical Debt to free resources to perform higher value work.

Recently, it occurred to me that what i’ve been doing is managing a Technical Debt Snowball. Each time we freed up resources, we got to reinvest them in freeing up more. This is at its heart a virtuous cycle.

Most of the time, those involved can’t see the opportunity without some help. The Technical Debt simply became the walls they lived within.

Instead of just looking for new investments, mine your existing opportunities by building a technical debt snowball and freeing yourself or your organization from this yoke.

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At the edge of data

Did you ever recognize when processes began to fail because there was a gap in data availability to indicate what was going wrong.

Of course no one noticed that they lacked data.  Why is that?

I believe that it has to do with coaching styles with organizations.  Many
leaders haven’t been taught process improvement methodologies and how to embed them in their team via coaching.

The LEAN institute offers training in this area:

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New Blog

I have been thinking about creating a blog to focus on my Information Technology work and interests for quite a while.

When I look out on the evolution of our IT landscape so much of it is the repetition of patterns that were observed before, refactored for today’s tech.

Many of us have worked together to create new variants on yesterday’s themes, and occasionally we get a chance to put out something new.  Usually when that occurs, it is only in hindsight that we recognize that we were working at our growing edge and where that contribution falls in the conversation.

I hope that you’ll enjoy this blog as it develops.



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